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90 pounds gone
friends, look at the stars
lenfant_de_jeu wrote in 100pounds2lose
Been a while since my last update.  I've reached 90 pounds lost,  20 to go but I have a bonus goal of a further 20... but I'm going to take that as it comes.

The Psychologist appointments have been... dissapointing.  I dont think he knows what to do with me, I'm kinda all over the place and i'm functioning... sometimes I think it must be easier for them if the people infront of them were truly broken, unable to function,

The winter has also really broken me exercise wise, I did start on weights and pilates to build core and... I just got cold and tired and lazy.

I have minor surgery this week and so I'm giving myself a break - 2 weeks and then I need to take care.  I'm beyond the point where core fitness and strength is important - for metabolism, for toning, for help with skin, and to set up the long term success.

I've had a few wardrobe purges and am fitting into some of those favourite clothes of mine from... 2011! and 2005!!   During the surgery recovery I hope to start selling some of the better pieces of the large wardrobe.  There's only 2 items I want to get taken in... if it's possible... might have to be a complete re-do... but for the fabric... it will be worth it. I'm holding off on that until I reach a weight I'm happy to maintain at and do so for a year...

While it's kind of scary how far I've come, it's also scary how easy it would be to fall off. I don't want to get cocky about things, so I'm paying careful attention to my brain and the commentary going on as I plan meals/shopping etc.  Big learning curve. 

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First of all a huge congrats on the accomplishment. You're well on your way. Keeping focused on your own well-being is what will make a difference.
Second- good luck with the surgery and will be thinking of you. Definitely take care and do what you need to for your health. I'm trying to do the same.

thank you - 1 week post surgery so far and I'm doing ok - not looking forward to going back to work on Monday but someone has to pay the bills.

That's amazing!!! Hopefully you recover well and continue to meet goals!

Amazing work!! That's really awesome. All the best for the surgery!

Thanks! Surgery went very well. I'm 1 week post-op now and off the painkillers which I'm happy about. Stitches out today.

Congratulations on such a huge loss as well as being health-conscious about keeping it moving forward! This is motivating to me as well.

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