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OA - any thoughts?
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lenfant_de_jeu wrote in 100pounds2lose
Anyone here attended an Overeaters Anonymous meeting?

I'm dipping my toes in - while there are definitely some behaviours of mine that can fit here, But I've only been willing to check out the online chat meetings... and seriously... some of them make my eyes roll.

I think in some ways the aspect of a "power" or "god" that is greater than yourself is something I don't relate to, like... I know the issue is in my head, is in my upbringing, is in the patterns my life has created, the connections with comfort, with reward, with depression, with hiding, with being alone, filling a gap, filling time... And I guess because I'm not in shared living/shared meals - I don't put myself ahead of others so I never plan for meals, for cooking, for preparations... if I had to cook for a family, if I had flatmates with shared meals... we would make better meals.  But it's just me, so I don't.

So I wanted to check - anyone else here tried OA and have any thoughts about it? good/bad/indifferent?

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I went to a few OA meetings, but as an atheist, it ended up not being my thing. Also, depending on who shows up, you can have conversation hogs, amateur therapists, or other annoying people.

I do think you can get a lot out of the group if the people are folks you connect with. You might end up with a group that helps you feel alone, someone you can call before you binge, or just feel like you have one more tool in your tool box.

Lots of bulimics are in OA too, and although being obese and being bulimic are very very related, the issues those two groups deal with are very different, in my opinion. Obsessive behavior is obsessive behavior, but being shamed for being fat is very different than being rewarded for being thin.

I recommend going a few times, if you don't like it, you can leave any time. I picked up some brochures and some of the mantras still help me at times.

I gave the online meetings a shot since there isn't one that I can attend locally. Honestly, I didn't get much out of it. I do ascribe to the higher power being a Christian and it did encourage me to pray about it. (just my thing) But the format of their meeting and the way that they approach it from the AA book, I didn't find it useful.
However, some of the tools were useful. The concept of a sponsor is a good one to me. Just having someone that you can be accountable to for your actions where food and fitness are concerned is always a good thing. I think that is the key to success in things like Weight watchers as well. Something about that weekly weigh in is motivation.
Their idea of planning ahead is also a big thing and something that I am trying to do more of now.
Maybe a buddy system would work well for you? I also know that I've seen success when I'm more active here and on Sparkpeople.com. In fact, I'm starting over and resetting all of my goals this weekend to give myself a fresh start after falling off the wagon dealing with depression.
Good luck though! I hope you do find something that helps you with your goals.

I would probably not enjoy OA. I have attended a lot of NA/AA meetings for my clients (therapist), and often struggle with the concept of a Higher Power. While I think it can be empowering for those that subscribe to a Higher Power, I have difficulty since I don't.

That being said, I have also been to AWESOME NA/AA meetings and others not so much. The sense of community through the Anonymous meetings is enlightening.

If you're interested, I would give them a try. And see if you can try multiple meetings. It's amazing the differences between one meeting to the next.

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