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Working out during work?
jazzadelgada wrote in 100pounds2lose
Hey everybody!

Just wanted to do a quick post. Started the new job today! I feel like it should be a "New Job, New Me" post, but I am trying to be gentle with myself and fully settle in before I try to take on anything too serious. I heard one of the other counselors goes to the gym on her lunch hour. I didn't know if anyone here had something similar? I will already be getting more activity by taking public transportation. I have been looking at getting a new gym pass in a couple months (really need finances to settle in with the new paychecks) and have thought I could potentially pull off the lunch-hour-gym thing, but I also know I am sweaty beast when I've been working out. And if I'm a sweaty beast, then I'll need to shower. And I like showering too much to rush it. Then I'll get sweaty walking back. And it's a cycle.

The schedule is 12:30pm to 8:30pm, so a half middle shift as I've been calling it. The original idea was to work out in the mornings at home, shower, then catch the bus in, hopefully drying out on my way there. However, to learn that another counselor goes to the gym on her break is somewhat intriguing. I just don't know how I'd do it.

So I wanted to see if anyone does something similarly? I still am worried about injuring my shoulder, and want to start up on the treadmill again, at least to get some walking miles in. Before I lost my job two years ago, we got a half hour lunch, so I would walk around the blocks with a coworker and then eat lunch at my desk. I still have a ratty pair of sneakers that I can "donate" to the cause.


P.S. I might finally have the time to edit and organize some of the tags in this community, and get some things streamlined. If folks will be patient with me and the new job (and the other two jobs settling down, too), I might be able to rock and roll a challenge in the upcoming months. My brain already feels much better after this first day of work.

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My coworker said she would walk with me, which I think it both sweet and somewhat terrifying. She can be somewhat intimidating, so I'm curious if I DO walk with her, if something will come out or not.

That similarly happened to me. Used to walk with someone, then our company closed and we're nowhere close to each other now. Walking/running buddies are hard to come by! I always get jealous when someone has people to work out with.

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