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LJ-ers abandoning ship?
froggbee wrote in 100pounds2lose
Hey gals ('n guys)!

I've finally gotten my weight loss act together. I've managed to lose 60 lbs. I've gone from ~344 to ~282. I'm super souped.

Sadly, it seems like everyone is abandoning ship here. And there are new concerns about the Russian government having access to our journals.

Sooooo.... I made the jump to Dreamwidth. My username there is nicalycab. (I've copied all of my LJ posts over there.)

Has anyone else made the move? I haven't had time to explore the site to connect with people.

Hope everyone is doing great. I've been pretty lax with LJ in general - I haven't looked at any of the communities I'm a part of in months.

-- Nicole

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Congrats on your progress!!
what is this about russian government having access to LJ? first ive heard of it.

Thank you so much. I hadnt heard anything about this. I guess ill have to pack up my 15 years and find another platform.

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