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....in it for the long haul

12 week update
I can't believe I've mantained a weight and food diary for 12 weeks straight. That's an accomplishment for me in itself!

I'm still losing weight slowly. I'm 0.8 pounds to my first goal of losing 10 pounds and getting to 229.

But this is what I need to remind myself - that first 10 pounds I'm working on, that's after I lost the 28 pounds of baby weight. So looking at it that way, in 12 weeks, the baby weight is already gone, and altogether I've lost almost 38 pounds. So that makes me feel better.

I'm not consistent with exercise yet, but I've been keeping active with going out every day to the park, zoo, pool, creek, playground with my soon to be kindergartener (snffle) and a lot of babywearing. .

That fuels my biggest goal really - to be fit so I can keep up with my kids. We jogged around the block the other day and I was winded but I didn't feel like I was going to pass out, woohoo!

Another thing I try to remind my self - every day I am getting stronger and stronger. I only started lifting weights again a few weeks ago since I had a c-section and I feel woefully weak compared to before. I need to be more consistent. But I'm still here, yay!!

sad scout

hey everyone - happy healthy monday. I am on one of those journeys to get back into taking better care of myself. The first thing I did on this road back was to make an appointment with a nutritionist to help me with the things I haven't been able to figure out in how much and what to eat. Anybody have any experience with this? I want to get the most out of the fact that I'm doing this. Any questions I should make sure that I cover at the consult?

Moderator check in?
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Hey, y'all-

I know I've been hiding, which was different from my previous prolific writings. I have really fallen behind as a moderator. I was collecting ideas and tried to get the motivation going, but it just kept knocking me down.

I wanted to check in here. It's been almost two years since my job collapsed, and we've been struggling financially. I just lost another job a few months ago, and now I need to fold my private practice. However! I was recently offered a job that might get us back on track financially, and I think it'll ease my mind immensely. I canceled my gym pass last week because between the financial struggles and the fear of my shoulder/disc injury, I couldn't validate the $40/month. It sounds so small, but at this point, it'd be better used toward our mortgage.

I used to relish what this community has done for me over the years. While I have horribly fallen off the wagon, I realized that my weight has stabilized. It sits around 240. I know ideally, I would like to be down to 180, but would gladly settle at 200.

I want to give this community a boost, and especially because I kinda need a boost. I read all of your posts when they come up here, and at times, I feel bad for myself. I remember posting my small victories or the NSV or the times where I made good choices, and this overwhelming sense of something (Shame? Depression? Disappointment?) would come over me.

Now that school is over (holy crap, guys, I graduated graduate school!), I feel as though I'll have the brainspace to check in here more often. Maybe write more often. I wanted to see if folks were still around and if we wanted to do something. Either organize an actual challenge or just simply check into support for each other. I know I had originally talked about hosting a group messaging thing online (through AIM or something because I'm old school), and I didn't know if that was still something folks wanted to do?

In short, I miss y'all. I want to be back on the wagon. At this point, there is a small flicker of hope in my life, and I know it's there even when I blink. I just need to hold onto it, and I wanted to put my hand out to see if folks still read this and also would be interested in offering support again. To celebrate in our victories. To be honest with our shortcomings and support each other through it. To realize we're all on this journey together and we're all human while we do it.


Week 7 update
In the middle of Week 7 and I’m still plugging along. I’ve only lost 2.5 pounds since my last post here in Week 3 so I'm at 235. I’ve made a few missteps but I’m still here.

I am 39 this year and I feel  that this time around every pound I lost has been grueling and hard-won.

It was easier when I was 29 –but I didn’t keep it up. It was easier when I was 19 – of course, I didn’t keep it up then either.

This feels hard, so much harder. I don't want to give up at this weight. I just need to feel that even though I'm ever so slowly chipping away at this, it's better than not. I won't be at goal in a long, long time, but I just want to get there one day. 

Back (and into Week 3)
I started trying to eat better about two weeks post-partum, not dieting, just not stuffing my face with every starch in sight the way I was doing the last leg of my pregnancy. She turned four weeks old last Saturday and to my great surprise, I weighed in at just under my pre-pregnancy weight of 239 on the same day. So that's 28 pounds gone and the trick is to keep going. I am 237.6 today, Another 100 or so at least to go.

What I'm doing differently this time:
- Weighing myself daily and really, truly not letting the number get into my head but just to track fluctuations.
- Really really not trying to be perfect -  I got too caught up trying to be perfect with my online tracker, putting in every bite, every calorie, every carb gram and I got tired and it was too time-consuming, and oh boy did it contribute to my OCD.
- Keeping a food journal - actual pen on paper - it keeps me accountable by putting down everything I eat and yet not too crazily so by not worrying about the micro of everything but keeping track of the big picture,
- Walking every day I can - Not always possible every single day but I'll try. I can't lift weights for another 8 weeks, I can hop on the elliptical in only another 4 weeks but in the mean time at least I can walk.

I'm also trying to see things as an experiment - like tracking the fluctuations of my weight; if I eat pasta on this day, I gain so and so pounds the next day, if I eat wheat, I can bet I'll be wheezing by bedtime. This keeps me interested without feeling like I'm agonizing overy every food decision - if that makes sense. Plus the most important part is sticking to it! I need to make it easy because most of my mental energy is now devoted to being a mom of a preschooler and newborn and I'm still floundering at last 23 hours out of every 24!

But I'm happy to be back and tracking and reading on everyone's progress and commenting and just being here, being present.

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So, I've been seeing a nutritionist for a few weeks. Something that suprised me is that getting all your vitamins isn't the top of the list. Just making sure you get your body on a routine where you eat when you're hungry is top of the list. Second is eating enough carbs, protein, and fat to make you feel full as long as possible. And then third is eating nutrient dense food like fruits and veggies to make you more full if some of the meals feel a little light. It's a very interesting perspective.

50 pounds down... 60 to go
friends, look at the stars
So in the past week I've broken the 50 pound mark.

It is good to creep every day closer to something I feel happier in, and (while shocking to admit) something that others are more comfortable seeing me in.

In my musical group they have been very happy to see the change and are doing what they can to encourage and continue the process.  I think they know that as the seasons change it does become harder.

Today that season change hit with an almighty bang - grey and rain and cold.

I've been looking at fun long sleeve riding gear to help me get past this lull, I need to keep the smile going knowing that even in the rain, I can get past whatever might otherwise hold me back.

I have my first psychologist appointment next week.  I don't know if we'll get along but it's at least a first step towards understanding a bit more about me and hopefully finding more reasons why

What are your tricks and plans on getting through the autumn and winters?  

the weird zone...
friends, look at the stars
So today on my birthday I celebrate a loss of 20 kg (44 pounds).

I still have 66-88 pounds to go.

I'm at the weird stage of having made a good loss - something greater than many people ever have to do in their life - and yet to be 2/5 - 1/3 through only... to know how much further I have to go...

To know that I'm still of a size/shape that when I cycle, people look at me and judge.  But to also know that sometimes people aren't even seeing me - what I'm seeing is my judgement of myself in their eyes.

I haven't thought about quitting or throwing it in, but I've well passed the honeymoon period of this, and knowing I still have months ahead of me as autumn gets well underway here...  it's definitely moving into meal by meal.. one step at a time.

How have you guys worked through the moving-to-winter loss of energy?

Don't call it a comeback...
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Hey, everybody!

First, I wanted to say it's awesome to see people poking their heads in here. Maybe it's the beginning of spring, but it seems as though this community could use a little umph.

Second, I am finally back! For those of you that know, my mother has recovered and returned home and I am finally in my own house again. While their health will continue to worry me, I have spent the past three months helping to rehab them and work toward making them more healthy and self-sufficient. It's truly been a long haul.

Third, I was given clearance to start exercising again! My goal for this week is to try a 30-minute spin class to see how my shoulder behaves.

I wanted to see how everybody was and if we would be interested in banding together to do something of a challenge? I continue to think of this community often, and truthfully, I miss the energy that came along with it. I have had some ideas rolling around for awhile, but didn't have the means to properly organize it. I also wanted to check in to see how everyone was and if a challenge would be something folks would be interested in, or if structure is really needed right now?

Let me know your thoughts!

P.S. I really want to get these tags organized... maybe that'll be a goal of mine for this year!

check in
How is everyone doing?

I haven't lost weight in ages, haven't been trying :( I suddenly remembered this group that used to be such a part of my daily life and thought I'd check in.


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