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October challenge? No, really...
jazzadelgada wrote in 100pounds2lose
Hey, everybody!

I wanted to pop in here. The September challenge didn't take off; I felt I needed to do some own work on myself before leading us in a challenge. So! I have done some research over the past couple of weeks, specifically self-care related and having serious talks with myself. I feel like a push challenge might actually do me some good, and wanted to see if it would invigorate this community.


I'm designing a five-week challenge, starting Sunday, October 2nd for beginning weigh-ins. I'd like to not only have weigh-ins, but also structure some type of self-care and NSV into it as well. I'm hoping that we could have one poster on Wednesdays and another on Fridays, and I'll be responsible for doing the Sunday check-ins. (ticasdaze, do you have any preference?)

What do folks think? Five weeks for the month of October with tackling some type of goal, hence the "overhaul."

Let me know!

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I'd be happy to step in with self care posts if ya want... Fridays are great for me, but I could make Wednesdays work too.

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