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Serious Weight Loss
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This community is for people who need to lose 100 pounds or more.

It seems that there are an awful lot of communities that specialize in weight loss... but this one is for support for us with a long road ahead.

This community has moderated membership. Please contact Gaea (earthgoddess),Jane grant_me_wings, Deedee casi_mariposa or Jazz jazzadelgada at 100pounds2lose@gmail.com with answers to the questionnaire at the bottom of the page. After submitting your questionnaire, you may request to join the community.

I had someone actually ask if I was going to spam or sell their email address. Just to make things clear....this community has been around for many years & once I read your answers, determine if you'll be added or not....I delete the email & never save the email address at all.

***Emailing your questionnaire is perfectly safe & your email address will not be sold or spammed***

Like we said, there are many weight loss communities out there for those of you who have less than 100 pounds to lose. If you are not currently trying to lose 100 pounds or more, we suggest you join one of those. Those of us who are over 100 pounds overweight or who were, have a long long road ahead of us. Users who try to join who are not trying to lose 100 pounds or more will not be accepted.

This is not meant to scare anyone away, but if there are members who have, say 30 or 40 pounds to lose, this may inhibit members with over 100 pounds to lose from feeling free to post stats and the like.

This community is a support group, a peer group, a place to bounce weight loss ideas around, and a place to vent, if needed. We'd like to think that we can remain a peaceful community, but we'll say this anyway: no flaming... no bashing, and if you are wanting to promote a community in your post, please clear it with the moderators before doing so.

We encourage only healthy methods of weight loss here. We do not encourage eating less than 1000 calories a day, but if this is the route you choose, please seek medical advice to be sure this is healthy. Please do not encourage other members to eat less than 1000 calories a day, or tell them that it's okay and won't hurt them. We ask that you do not encourage binging, purging, dieting pills, and the like. We really want our members to be losing weight in a HEALTHY way. This cannot be encouraged enough.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey

1. What is your LiveJournal user name?
2. What is your name?
3. What is your current weight? Heighest weight?
4. How tall are you?
5. How much weight do you want to lose?
6. How long have you been overweight?
7. What kind of methods of weight loss have you tried?
8. How old are you?
9. Are you married?
10. Do you have any children?
11. What are you hoping to get out of this community?
12. Do you have anything to add?

Please e-mail your questionnaire to

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